Drunk Driving Lawyer in Houston, TX Defends Your Rights


One drunk driver can change your life and those you love forever! But you and your loved ones have rights. Farrah Martinez, a top rated drunk driving lawyer and car accident lawyer in Houston, Texas defends your rights to brighten your future.

Police only lay charges

Police charge drunk drivers for breaking the law. And you won’t receive any compensation for your pain, injuries, property damage and expenses unless you file a civil claim. But time is of the essence. Why? Because in Texas you have two years to file a car accident lawsuit before the statute of limitations kicks in. Thus, filing sooner than later will increase your chance of a positive outcome.

You deserve compensation for:

  • Bodily Injury

Your body and your life will never be the same. A drunk driving accident can cause lifelong pain, job loss, marital or family stress and more. As a result, you’ll need financial resources to help deal with these issues.

  • Property Damage

Who should pay for repair or replacement of your car, damage to your home or property? A drunk driver should! Drunk driving accidents cause psychological and physical damage. A good DUI lawyer takes both of these things into account in a drunk driving lawsuit.

  • Lost wages

Accident victims lose weeks, months and sometimes years off work because of their injuries. How will you provide for your loved ones? While you did not bring this on yourself you shouldn’t be left to deal with major financial losses you may incur as a result.

  • Medical bills

Medical bills add up quickly – and expensively. Accident victims may require specialized care from a variety of health providers or institutions – for something that was not your fault and shouldn’t be your responsibility.

In addition to your shock, pain and other outcomes, there may be funeral and estate expenses to deal with. You shouldn’t have to pay for losing a loved one to a drunk driver.

  • Counselling

Car crash victims oftentimes require counselling for extended periods to deal with the shock, physical and emotional pain left behind by an irresponsible drunk driver. Depression, anxiety and other such issues may set in as a result, leaving you feeling helpless and alone. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Houston’s drunk driving lawyer helps those who can’t help themselves

Fact: The State of Texas recognizes that a bar, restaurant or liquor store that sells alcohol to a drunk driver is also negligent. You get maximum compensation with Houston DUI accident lawyer Farrah Martinez. Farrah makes those people responsible for your catastrophic injuries and losses pay for their negligence.

You live in the Lone Star State but you’re not alone with Farrah Martinez on your side!

Let Houston’s drunk driving lawyer fight for your rights

Farrah Martinez is an aggressive, smart and expert drunk driving and car accident lawyer in Houston, TX.  She makes drunk drivers pay. And their lawyers and insurance companies nervous. She is compassionate and approachable to her clients. A top-rated personal injury lawyer backed by years of experience with drunk driving lawsuits.  Combining a decade of legal experience with hard work on her clients’ behalf, Farrah treats every case as if it’s a championship fight – because she knows it’s exactly that to her clients. Farrah will meet with you and provide ongoing personalized service. Your fight is her fight and she won’t get paid until you win! If you’ve been the victim of a drunk driving accident in Houston, TX there’s only one number to call (713) 853-9296. Ask for Farrah. You’ll be glad you did!

Drunk driving lawyer serving Houston, TX and surrounding areas including Cypress, Pasadena, Pearland, Sugar Land, Spring, Bellaire, South Houston, Humble and Kingwood, TX

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