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18-wheeler crash victims often feel stunned and overwhelmed, resulting in them making mistakes. It helps to consider ahead of time what you want to do and avoid doing if you end up in a truck crash and have to take immediate next steps.

Those steps are essentially five: call 911, get medical care, take photographs, contact your insurance carrier, and contact an attorney. It is actually quite smart to contact an attorney as soon as you have contacted the police and prior to contacting your insurance provider – to get advice before speaking directly with them or the police; either way, those are the key steps.

Drivers of 18-wheelers are held to higher standards than are typical drivers, so the law is generally on your side in these situations. While it is sad how many people do not take the correct actions following accidents and end up potentially defrauded, looking at their oversights reveals what to do to get it right:

1.) Not making the situation immediately safer

The first thing you want to do is get the car to the side of the road and put on your hazards. You need to call the police right away if there is damage to either car or if someone is injured. You should each have the other’s insurance information. Even if you think that you caused an 18-wheeler accident, it is smart to phone 911 so that everything is recorded. Sometimes people do not want to phone the police, but it is important because you need that document of the incident that the police report provides. Police can also make the situation safer if there is a threat of violence from another driver.

2.) Neglecting to take pictures

You need visual evidence of what happened, again so that you have a full record of the situation to back up any claims you may make later. Take many photographs. You want to have full documentation about everything related to the crash, so not just the outside but inside of the vehicles, as possible. You also want to get pictures of all the people involved in the truck collision. Get pictures of drivers, passengers, and bystanders. The photos are evidence of the people you say were there, the road conditions, and other specifics. You can keep a disposable camera in your glove compartment for accident preparedness if you do not have a smartphone. Just be sure to get one that has flash.

3.) Failing to gather sufficient information

Collect as much information as you can so that you are not completely reliant on the police report. The top piece of information that you want is the name, driver license number, phone number, and address of drivers. Make sure you get insurance details for all drivers involved in a semi-truck crash. Ask the other driver if you can see the card. Write down the name on it exactly as it is printed, as well as the policy number and the carrier name. Get contact information for passengers too. You also want to be able to follow up with the police as necessary – so jot down the name and number of the officer who is filing the report. Also record the report’s case number if it is available.

4.) Talking with the other driver about the accident

The first priority following a crash is ensuring everyone is safe. The second priority is avoiding financial fault for an 18-wheeler crash. The facts are the facts. However, you should not assume responsibility. The other person could be driving without a license, or they could be on drugs or alcohol, or you could be unaware of the state’s laws. For those reasons and others, full information is needed in order to objectively determine fault.

5.) Talking about injuries, or lack thereof

Talking about injuries is also not a good idea. For instance, someone might ask if you are hurt, and you might feel at the time that you are not. The problem is if you say that you are OK, the other person can use that against you later if a problem arises.

6.) Failing to check for witnesses

If you can validate your perspective through the eyes of another person, your long-haul truck accident case is much stronger. Be sure to get names and numbers of eyewitnesses.

7.) Signing a document

You also do not want to sign any documents except for anything that might be required by the police.

8.) Not accepting medical attention

Related to the fifth point above, you want to be very careful about this issue of whether you are reporting yourself as “OK” following the accident. Many injuries do not surface until days or even weeks after an 18-wheeler crash. For example, post-traumatic headaches can arise, and treatment can be long-term. Accept medical attention, and do not report to anyone at the scene of the accident that you are all right.

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While more than half of car accident incidents over the New Year are alcohol-related, it still is only the third most dangerous holiday for driving in the United States.

The holiday season is known for being a time that families gather and people refocus themselves on their goals through resolutions about their health habits or other aspects of life. However, it is not just a time of celebration and hope but a time of pain and loss. We know that about the New Year holiday, that the roads get dangerous as night falls. But Christmas is dangerous too.

While these holidays are challenging, there are other holidays, days, and months that carry higher driving risk too. Before we look at those days that are problematic throughout the country, it is worth first looking at our area. Unfortunately, we assume heightened risk than others throughout the country when we hit the Houston roads.

Houston the #1 metro area for traffic deaths

First, it is important to consider the issue of driving safety locally. The specific issues with Houston roadways suggest that drivers should be more vigilant than is typical throughout the year – simply accounting for the perils that are, sadly, unique to our city.

The Houston Chronicle studied sixteen years of data on accident deaths. The newspaper found that the Houston roads were deadlier than those of any other metro area. The federal highway data studied by the Chronicle came from 2001 through 2016. The reporters found that the Houston metro logs 2850 major car crash injuries annually, along with 640 deaths. Houston is the deadliest for car drivers and passengers, as well as pedestrians, found the study.

In this environment, it is critically important to drive defensively and otherwise exercise caution.


While more car accidents occur at certain times (such as New Year’s) because of people’s intoxication, the chance of a car accident also rises when people are finishing up a typical week. Assumedly overeager for the weekend, the greatest time for aggressive driving — in which there are greater instances of rapid acceleration and hard braking — is 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Fridays, per an analysis by Nationwide. 


Some holidays are particularly dangerous, but the most unsafe driving month is actually August, according to the same study. The insurer found that there were more people killed in August crashes from 2012 through 2016 than in any other month during that period. August 2016 was the worst month of all for total crashes, with 60,976 of them reported.

Memorial Day

To start looking at the holidays, the one that is associated with the  sixth-highest traffic fatalities is Memorial Day which makes sense since it is thought of by many as the end of a three-day party that kicks off the summer. Memorial Day itself is the day that involves the most drinking as well as travel home, so it is unsurprising that a study of holiday roadway deaths (Arnold and Cerrelli) found there were 32% more car accident deaths on Monday than the prior three days.

Labor Day

The fifth-highest number of roadway deaths occur on Labor Day. This holiday has much in common with Memorial Day – serving as a cap to the end of summer with three-day trips. The roads can get congested, and people can end up becoming frustrated and making bad decisions.


Many people are off work Christmas Day, and many do not work all of Christmas Eve. People rush around to make final gift purchases and head to the homes of family. In this climate, traffic accidents increase from the afternoon of December 24th to the evening of December 25th.

Plus, alcohol is often involved. According to 2001-2005 data from the NHTSA, 36% of car accidents on a typical day involved drunk driving. However, on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, the percentage rose to 45 percent. This alcohol use is a primary reason Christmas is the fourth-most-dangerous holiday.

Note that when Christmas falls on a weekend, it is a safer time to drive than when it falls during the week.

New Year’s

Many adults go out and celebrate on this holiday. Some drink excessively, leading to more danger from drunk driving – particularly late at night (i.e., from midnight forward). The leadup to the turn of the year on New Year’s Eve involves binge drinking for many; and that means a higher incidence of drunk driving. According to the 2001-2005 NHTSA cited above, more than half of car accidents (54%) over New Year’s Eve and Day involved alcohol impairment. Again, alcohol is a major influence in why this holiday is the third-deadliest for traffic crashes.


Thanksgiving is a holiday that many families consider important, so they head out on the road to grandparents and elsewhere. People often do not have the Wednesday prior to Thanksgiving off. That lack of preparation time for the big meal results in unsafe roads. Drivers heading to and from Thanksgiving get-togethers in 2019 may be suffering from drowsiness. They may be on their phones or otherwise distracted. They may be hurrying to their destinations. There were more than 500 Thanksgiving traffic deaths from 2001 to 2006. The good news is that number has dropped, nationwide, in the past few years; nonetheless, this holiday is still ranked second among holidays for roadway fatalities.

Independence Day

Actually the deadliest holiday of 2019, based on past years, will likely be the 4th of July, aka Independence Day. Over that four-day holiday in 2012, per National Safety Council data, there were about 540 car accident deaths. Over that same span, there were 58,000 major injuries arising from these incidents.

Help when you are a victim on the road

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Police only lay charges

Police charge drunk drivers for breaking the law. And you won’t receive any compensation for your pain, injuries, property damage and expenses unless you file a civil claim. But time is of the essence. Why? Because in Texas you have two years to file a car accident lawsuit before the statute of limitations kicks in. Thus, filing sooner than later will increase your chance of a positive outcome.

You deserve compensation for:

  • Bodily Injury

Your body and your life will never be the same. A drunk driving accident can cause lifelong pain, job loss, marital or family stress and more. As a result, you’ll need financial resources to help deal with these issues.

  • Property Damage

Who should pay for repair or replacement of your car, damage to your home or property? A drunk driver should! Drunk driving accidents cause psychological and physical damage. A good DUI lawyer takes both of these things into account in a drunk driving lawsuit.

  • Lost wages

Accident victims lose weeks, months and sometimes years off work because of their injuries. How will you provide for your loved ones? While you did not bring this on yourself you shouldn’t be left to deal with major financial losses you may incur as a result.

  • Medical bills

Medical bills add up quickly – and expensively. Accident victims may require specialized care from a variety of health providers or institutions – for something that was not your fault and shouldn’t be your responsibility.

In addition to your shock, pain and other outcomes, there may be funeral and estate expenses to deal with. You shouldn’t have to pay for losing a loved one to a drunk driver.

  • Counselling

Car crash victims oftentimes require counselling for extended periods to deal with the shock, physical and emotional pain left behind by an irresponsible drunk driver. Depression, anxiety and other such issues may set in as a result, leaving you feeling helpless and alone. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

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