Do it Yourself?

We live in the age of do it yourself (DIY).  I am all for learning new things, cutting costs, and doing things for myself; however, there are some tasks that require a professional.  This is necessary if you want to achieve the best possible results.   I might watch a YouTube video to learn how to make a school craft project for my four-year-old or even learn to arch my own eyebrows.  I would not Google to learn “how to repair my roof” or “perform a root canal” in hopes that one day I might do these tasks myself. This blog will tackle whether you need a Houston Personal Injury Lawyer like Farrah Martinez to help you with your personal injury claim or car accident case.

In my mind, some tasks are too important, and there is too much at stake to go at it alone.

As a consumer, you must decide which tasks you are willing to learn to do and which tasks you determine that require a professional.

Should I Handle my Personal Injury Claim?

Studies show that individuals involved in a car accident tend to recover more when they hire a lawyer than those claimants who did not hire a lawyer and handle the settlement alone.  Insurance companies are for-profit companies, and their goal is to make money and keep their stockholders happy. Most of us can appreciate that a company needs to make a profit or else they will go out of business.  However, in the state of Texas, drivers are required to carry insurance.  So the majority of drivers, just like you, purchase insurance with the expectation that if involved in an accident the insurance company will cover it.  “Covered” is a broad term when you are dealing with accident or injury claims. Covered is often in the eyes of the beholder.

Every month you pay your insurance with the promise that if something happens to you that your insurance company will pay your medical bills, loss of wages, pain and suffering, and for any other expense or loss you incur as a result of your injury.

Is this a Level Playing Field?

The insurances companies are hoping you do a DIY personal injury claim since studies confirm that the insurance companies win financially when you DIY.  Take note; insurance companies do not go at it alone they have a team of lawyers that work on their behalf to get the best results for them–NOT you.

If you have started your car accident or personal injury claim, it might not be too late to hire a skilled personal injury attorney.  At Farrah Martinez, PLLC, Houston Personal Injury and Houston Car Accident Lawyer, we hold insurance companies accountable. Contact Farrah at (713) 853-9296 for a free consultation and review of your claim.

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