5 Secrets Insurance Companies Do Not Want You to Know

5 secrets insurance companies do not want you to know

1. The Insurance Company is not your Friend.

In fact, they are your adversary. The insurance company is a for-profit company. Their adjusters are trained to befriend you and later deny your claim or offer you the least amount of money possible, rather than giving you the money you deserve for the injuries and losses you have incurred as a result of their insured’s negligence.

2. If You Want the Money You Deserve, Hire a Lawyer.

Insurance companies do not want you to hire a lawyer. Studies show that injury victims that are represented by a lawyer recover 3 ½ times more money than those who are not represented by a lawyer. Personal Injury lawyers that handle injury and accident cases know the claim system in and out and can help your rights.

3. Do not Sign Anything Before you Speak with a Lawyer.

Insurance companies often ask injury victims to sign a medical authorization to release all medical records from doctors that have treated you since the accident. If you visited your normal family doctor all of the records from every visit would be released and many of these records are irrelevant to the accident and contain personal and highly sensitive information that the insurance company will later use to devalue your claim.

4. Do not Provide a Recorded Statement. Just say NO.

The insurance company will contact you and ask you to provide a recorded statement. This statement can and will be used against you at a later time. The adjuster will ask many questions about what happened and if you are not clear or you if do not remember the adjuster will ask you to guess and later use the fact that you cannot remember against you.

5. Everything is Negotiable.

Often times an adjuster will tell individuals who handle their own claims that “our policy” only allows for $20 per day for a rental car or we can only give you “x” amount of dollars for your vehicle despite that fact that you have enhanced the vehicle which increased its value. With the right type of evidence, you can increase your settlement through the negotiation process. Remember everything is negotiable!!!

I am Farrah Martinez personal injury and accident lawyer and I hold insurance companies accountable to ensure you get the compensation you deserve through experienced, aggressive and smart representation. For a free consultation contact me at (713) 853-9296 or visit us online at www.InjuryLawyerHOU.com. You can like us Facebook, follow us on Google+ and Twitter.

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