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I slipped and fell. Can I sue?

In Texas, slip and fall claims or premises liability claims can often be tricky. The burden of proof is on the injured party to show that that the property owner knew or should have known that the property posed a serious danger and that the property owner failed to exercise reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of their guests. So, the question, should not be whether you can sue but whether you can successfully prove the property owner had notice of the dangerous condition and failed to correct defaults.

Here are three things essential to any Texas slip and fall claim:

1. The property owner owed a duty of care to you and failed to perform the duty.

2. The property owner failed to exercise proper care and caused your injury.

3. You, the injured party, suffered a loss, you were severely injured and suffered damages as a result of the injury. These damages would include loss of wages or earnings, medical bills, prescription expenses and possible exemplary damages which are often referred to as “special damages”.

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