Farrah Martinez is a Houston Insurance Claim Lawyer that helps insurance policyholders secure a full and fair settlement for losses and damages suffered. We tackle life insurance policies, homeowner’s insurance policies, general liability coverage, car insurance– underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage and commercial property insurance and residential property insurance. We take the frustration out of dealing with the insurance companies.

Bad Faith Insurance Claim Denial or Underpayment of Claim

At some time or another, we all have to call on our insurance companies because we have suffered a loss covered by our insurance policy. That is the reason you purchased insurance “just in case” something happens. Each year, thousands of Texans file claims with their insurance companies. Often times, insurance companies treat their insureds’ unfairly by denying claims even when the policy states they are covered. Other times, companies attempt to underpay the claim and not pay the full and fair settlement for the damage or loss suffered.

An insurance company cannot simply deny your claim. You paid for an insurance policy and that policy lays out the terms of the agreement. When you file a claim against an insurance company your case will be assigned to an adjuster. An adjuster is trained to offer the least amount of money possible and get you to agree to the low number. That’s why it is important to hire the services of an insurance claim attorney that knows Texas Insurance Law and is familiar with the unfair treatment of insureds.

An Insurance Law Attorney Knows the Timelines

Under Texas law, policyholders are protected. The law is written in favor of paying claims quickly. Once you file a claim, the insurance company has 15 days:
1) To recognize getting your claim
2) To start an investigation
3) To request all items, statements, and forms related to claim. Once you provide all of the information requested, the insurance company has 15 days to accept or reject a claim unless more time is requested. More time is only permitted if special circumstances are involved.

Seek Full and Fair Insurance Settlement

Farrah Martinez, Insurance Claim Attorney handles the following unfair insurance claims:

Insurance Claim Form
  • Claim denials

  • Late payments

  • Cancellation of Insurance after a claim

  • Inadequate insurance refunds

  • Refusal to pay life insurance

  • Undervaluing the property claim

  • Policy lapse issues

  • Coverage issues

Fight Insurance Law Claims

Here are a list of the types of insurance law claims we handle:

Hurricane Harvey Insurance Claim Help
  • Wind storms

  • Hurricanes

  • Floods

  • Tornado

  • Vandalism

  • Water damage

  • Fire

  • Break in & robbery damages

  • Broken pipes

If you have been unfairly denied an insurance claim, contact Farrah Martinez Houston Insurance Claim Attorney at (713) 853-9296 to help your seek a full and fair settlement from your insurance company.